A Peer To Peer Decentralized Exchange

It's a P2P trade dispute settlement assistance service. In a decentralized P2P marketplace traders can trade any assets available on blockchains. It's a decentralized P2P marketplace for traders mainly for exchanging and trading Crypto assets. It's a fully off-chain decentralized marketplace where you hold your assets in your own wallets and funds in your own bank accounts. And your trades are based on business trust and good faith. We just provide services in case of trade dispute. This service is intended for trades that are valued below INR 10000/-. Currently we are offering this service for a selected few Crypto assets such as BNB, BUSD, STC and SMTC but other valuable Crypto assets can also be traded with prior approval. Services for high value trades are also available with prior approval.

It's a off-chain decentralized P2P marketplace for traders mainly for exchanging and trading Crypto assets. Every trade is having an inherent default risk. This service is offered to minimize the default risk and having trade dispute settlement assistance services by our settlement team that will help minimize this default risk. This is the only Annual Membership Plan that you need to subscribe to get started.

This platform is mainly intended for Indian customers but anyone is free to use it as long as they don't have any legal restrictions and can provide proof of their personal identity and address. You need to have your own "MetaMask" wallet address to use this platform.

You need to send Crypto assets to the wallet address provided by the Crypto asset buyer. Once when the seller confirms the Fiat payment to their bank account or Crypto payment to their wallet for any trade then the other party is bound to transfer the Crypto assets to the wallet address provided by the buyer. Failing to do so will result in dispute which will be reviewed by our settlement team. No new trade will be allowed until previous dispute closes. Disputed trades and defaulter details will be available in our website. So we expect the parties will keep their commitments to make a P2P deal successful and these best business practices will boost their reputation & help them grow their business successfully.

All the trades are intended to be quoted and settled in INR and maximum trade limit order is intended to be restricted under or below INR 10000/-. And minimum trade limit order is intended to be restricted above INR 7000/-. But Traders are free to trade any amount and in any currency they wish preferably in multiples of Maximum Trade Limit or for a higher lump sum amount but need to take care of taxation and counter party risk. They also need to take care of any legal and taxation issues. Here all are fixed price offers. All the trades are intended to be settled within 1 hour of trade inception. It is recommended that all the payments related to any trade should preferably be settled through online payments. So that in case of any dispute if the trades are not settled within 1 hour, the customer can report it to their respective bank for dispute and can claim refund of money. It is always better to come to us first before going to bank in case of any dispute and any such dispute must be reported to us before going to bank. In case of dispute anyone found guilty will be banned from this platform and will be barred from future services without any refund of payments.

Investment in Cryptocurrency or Token is subjected to market risk and one may lose the investment entirely and there may be no legal recourse available. Invest that much only that you are willing to lose. You have to trade at your own risk. Please access your risk appetite and take professional advise before investing. It's better to understand and learn these assets before investing.

We don't take responsibility of any counter party risk or any other kind of risk or responsibility associated with the trade. We will just verify the trade and other dispute details and will suggest necessary actions for settlement. We are not the middleman for these trades. And all the risk and responsibility belongs to the buyer and seller. We cannot help much or support you if you are scammed during such trades except banning one or both the parties if any one or both of the party is missing or in faulty position and unable to provide us a genuine payment proof. Here we are only providing you a platform to trade and we shall not be liable to anyone for any loss, injury or damage resulting from the use of information, content, product and services attained from here that may be in terms of real money, tangible or intangible.

All the due diligence, KYC, invoice, taxation, compliance, legal check and security is the responsibility of the Buyer and Seller. Interested Traders and investors need to keep " trade.deals@system4trading.com " in CC for trade deal email communication so that we can have a record of quote and trade price.

In case if you want to list your own asset or any other assets then you can contact us for listing. You can also contact us if you have any concern or issue.

To get started you need to first register yourself with us and should get verified by providing your KYC to us. Once verified you are ready to go and your service will start within 72 hours of verification. Once you have subscribe to the membership plan, we will send you the Registration Details, Trading Room joining procedure and Trading Rules to your registered E-Mail ID with us. If you have any concern you can always contact us for the same.

We don't have any refund policy for this product as we are not the middleman in any decentralized P2P trade deals and we don't charge any fees for any trades from the counter parties. This is the only annual membership plan that you need to subscribe to get started.

Before using this product please go through our "Risk Warning" and "Disclaimer" page and as well as "SMTC Trading Room" page of www.system4trading.com .

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